Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2019

Anime-style 5v5 MOBA Extraordinary ones’ Publication Right in Southeast Asia Confirmed

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Hero Entertainment recently announced that it has obtained Extraordinary Ones’ publication right in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The Japanese anime-style MOBA mobile game is developed by Net Ease. Its official Facebook fan page and YouTube Channel are available now.

Extraordinary Ones is a 5v5 MOBA mobile game in exquisite passionate anime academia style. Its scene, map and character settings are all designed delicately in comics’ way. Together with the mischievous world view, the game created a funny and relaxing anime world for players.

The story of the game takes place in a city called Extraordinary City, a place that magic and technology, tradition and future coexist. Legendary immortals and monsters can be seen everywhere, including a dozing loli Chang’e, a muscular dude Raby , Farsight and Rocket who always peek at beautiful girls, the Ginny who wants to dominate the academia and the outdated singer MJ, etc. They all learn and live in this super metropolitan.

Aiming at building up willpower, improving everyone’s skills, and strengthening the relationships between various races, the academy of Extraordinary City has held a series of competitions such as “Super Cat Cup” and “Rookies Cup” for managers and heroes to team up and take part in. Players will act the manager of the heroes, signing with these students with powerful quirks and training them to win the champion.

As the competition is more and more known, the contestants are not limited to the students in Extraordinary Ones. More and more social elites, such as the security company CEO with multiple identities, and Ginny’s parents Taurell and Maddie, are joining. Imagine that a family of three fight in the competition. Who will be the strongest?

In addition to the unique worldview, the well-designed heroes of Extraordinary Ones are also a highlight. Each hero is carefully designed by well-known Japanese painter, with an exclusive background story created by the R&D team. Take Jupiter, one of the main characters in Extraordinary Ones for instance. He is inspired from an ancient Chinese fantasy novel named “Investiture of the Gods”. In Extraordinary Ones, he describes himself as the Chosen One, but actually is in serious adolescent delusions, believing that the mysterious power is in his body. A bandage is usually wrapped around his right hand which is to seal the overmighty power according to himself. He’s not good at sports and can’t swim. The good-looking boy is always accosted by girls but will soon scared them away because of his adolescent delusions. As for his classmates, they take him as a power bank because of his thunder controlling ability.

Besides, these exquisite characters with fancy personal stories are not isolated. For example, Jupiter is not just daydreaming alone, he has a younger sister who is a video game master, and many good friends including Kui. They are fighting together in Extraordinary Ones and have very funny daily life.

In order to let players know Extraordinary Ones’ story better and participate in it, the game enables players to guide and train their favorite heroes and fight together to improve the intimacy between players and heroes. As the intimacy gets higher, players can unlock more hero stories and interpersonal relationships. Out of the game, there are also officially published comics, anime and novels based on the in-game scenario. Players can also learn about the heroes’ settings and interpersonal relationships through these contents. There are many ways both inside and outside of the game for players to get closer to their favorite heroes and fit in the Extraordinary Ones family well.

Extraordinary Ones is expected to release in Southeast Asia this summer. Pre-registration for Android and iOS and other events will be available at that time. At present, players can learn more about Extraordinary Ones through comics, official Facebook fan page and major video game sites. Before the game release, keep an eye on these content and pick up your favorite hero in advance!

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